Retractable shade sails

Retractable options

We can engineer a retractable option should you wish, using either bespoke steel roller blinds, or the type of furling gear that is usually found on the front of a yacht.  We can even offer automated options if required.

Retractable options are a bit more expensive and can take longer to fulfil but they allow more flexibility in their use and the sail will last longer if it is furled away during periods when it is not needed, especially during bad weather.

Pubs particularly like retractable options for outdoor smoking areas where cover is only needed when it rains.  There are, however, many other scenarios in which it can be advantageous to consider this option.  Rollers can be attached to building walls as shown in the first two pics below, or to posts in the conventional way.

We have illustrated below a selection of retractable options that we have installed over recent years from which you will see that they vary hugely.  We can design and install a retractable option to most environments using either posts or existing infrastructure.

A retractable option can we worth the additional expense as you needn’t have the sail up all the time when you’re not using it or the weather is bad.  This means that it will last longer than a static sail and it will be easier for you to manage than having to put a sail up and take it down according to use and the vagaries of the weather.

Just let us know what you would like and, ideally, send us some photos of the environment you’re looking to install into.

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