Posts and rigging

Post options

We can supply mild steel, stainless steel or timber posts with suitable diameter and specification to ensure they are strong enough for the job in hand.  Stainless steel has a classic look but mild steel can be powder coated to a colour of your choice.

We can also organise the manufacture and supply of ‘special’ posts like the ones in the second photo from the left below.  These posts had ‘spurs’ on the top of them to ensure that the shade sail to which they were attached could be lifted up and over a conservatory roof.

We have also engineered our own removable posts as illustrated in the last two pics below – the first one being the sleeve & blanking plate that goes in the ground and the second one the posts themselves.  Please note that the bit in the ground is box section so will be square but the posts above are round stainless steel posts. We engineered these because we found the ones we could buy off the shelf were not strong enough and  would collect water and pebbles when the post was not in use.

We can arrange the installation of any of the above at your convenience.  Please phone us for further details.  Alternatively we’re happy to work with you if you prefer to organise the installation of your posts and can offer guidance/support.


If you have a suitably strong tree in the area you’re looking to cover we can make special tree harnesses that we have designed to wrap around a tree rather than put a bolt through it and risk damage.  This is an option that is favoured by many forest attractions and companies that have to provide shelter for human beings but make sure everything they do is ethical and sustainable or face consequences!

If you would like your sail butted up against a wall so water doesn’t drip through the gap between the sail and the wall we can even make one edge straight, sew in some bolt rope and supply or fit Keder rail into which the sail will slot.

Rigging options
We can supply semi-permanent tensioners for sails that need to be left up for periods of time, or our ‘easy release’ block & tackle style rigging if you need to put the sail up and take it down at need.


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