Design, Installation and Maintenance

Design, Installation and Maintenance

We can provide a full service from design through to installation or we will work with you to provide the elements you need should you decide you wish to handle some elements of the installation yourself.

We have an in-house designer who can simulate your environment and superimpose onto it what we’re proposing if you need to get approval prior to the project going live. In this example of a job we did for a well known local forest based holiday company you can see how close the design we produced was to the end result.


We have a team of experienced riggers in-house who we can send out to ensure you get the best from your Jeckells shade sail.  They understand the optimum tension to get the best performance from your sail and we can provide you with a rolling maintenance contract should you wish to avail yourself of a service whereby they take your sails down in the winter, inspect them to see if they need cleaning and/or repairing, then put them back up in the Spring.  We will keep your sails here in our purpose-built loft over the winter to ensure they are in the best condition when put back up.  If you enter into such a contract you will also get priority service at other times of the year if there is a problem that is not covered under warranty.

Please email for further details and a competitive quotation.

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