Fabric options

We have a wide choice of top quality, marine specification fabric at our disposal.

For a shade sail that is purely for UV protection we use mesh a lot as it looks stunning and can be left up outdoors for long periods of time more easily than most solid fabrics. This is because its mesh construction allows the sail to drain in heavy rain and it also allows some of the wind to pass through so the sail isn’t knocked around as much as a solid fabric in high winds. It also has a lovely translucent quality that makes it feel less oppressive when you’re sitting under it – especially in hot weather. When you look down on it, the appearance is similar to that of a solid fabric, but when you look up through it you can see the outline of the sky above – see below pics of an indoor atrium installation we did in Cambridge demonstrating this effect.


If you require a showerproof sail, fabric options include our marine acrylic canvas, which looks natural and comes in lots of colours, and various other fabrics that have a PU coating to ensure water beads and runs off .

The only fabric that is fully waterproof is PVC, but it is a membrane and can be sticky and claustrophobic in the summer.  It is also important to engineer a really steep angle of fall (15 degrees or more is ideal) to ensure adequate run-off.

We also have access to some fire retardant options for both indoor and outdoor specifications.  We can, however, arrange for any fabric to be sprayed with a topical flame retardant spray if there isn’t an inherently fire retardant option available in the colour of your choice.

Please phone us for further information (Fiona Jeckells on 01603 782223) as it is best to ensure you have the correct fabric before proceeding to ensure the sail performs as you wish and lasts as long as possible.

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