Canvas panels

We not only make shade sails, but also canvas panels that are fixed on with turnbuttons and can have plastic ‘windows’ or zip doors, depending on your requirements. Indeed we can make pretty much anything that can be sewn using the materials and components we have access to.


Canvas panels can be made in a colour of your choice and configured to suit you exact requirements. You’ll see from the examples above  that we can engineer these  panels to suit any environment.  They can even be personalised as shown in the example of a pub smoking shelter in Norwich, 4th right from the left.  Plastic ‘windows’ can be put into the panels to allow in light.  If you want to make the most of a conservatory or brick outhouse, we can even make window blinds that will go above the window.  See example shown in the second pic from the left above where the owner of the timber out building wanted to be able to block out the room so that he and his friends could watch daytime football during the World cup!

The fabric that is mainly used for these panels is our marine acrylic canvas which is virtually waterproof with its PU coating and the window plastic is, of course, waterproof.  We can either measure, fabricate and install or can work with you to provide just the elements you need.  The turnbuttons we supply provide an easy way of fixing the panels onto the infrastructure, though we can also lash panels on using rope or dyneema, as shown in the example third from the right above.

Canvas panels can also have sail battening in them to stiffen them up (for example if the bottom of a panel is not fixed).

Just let us know your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

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